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Animal Rescue League

The Animal Rescue League was first known as Henry County Friends of Animals. The group formed another group called Animal Rescue League.

The group was formed when the local dog catcher was caught on video shooting dogs and leaving them to suffer until they died or buried them alive. Before you ask, the dog catcher did not get into trouble for this act.

The group orignally took over the shelter. It had to be closed down as it was so old. As of right now we have 2 fostor homes for our animals. We have a small group of about 7 people.

Right now we are about 35 hundred behind in vet bills. Any help would be so great! We always have animals that need vet care.

Teresa Allen: President 502-222-7522

Cristi Rice

Dontions: 502-749-6919

Teresa Allen: President


Our mission is to help as many animals as we can. We do this by taking in animals that do not have homes or have to leave their owner for some reason. We also do as many mobile spay/neuter clinics as we can to help prevent more unwanted animals.

We only have a tax id number. We do not have a non profit number but we work soley off donations alone. All items that are donated are used for our animals or if the person doesnt mind we will auction items off to pay bills with.

E-mail Us

Want to send us a brief note? momcrice@aol.com

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Animal Rescue League

c/o: Cristi Rice

8210 Laurel Grove Court

Louisville, KY. 40228